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a grand adventure

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

At first, baby Vaught's nursery was going to be Winnie the Pooh themed, and it still kind of is...but, as we were decorating, we found out that it wasn't strictly going to be yellows, bears and hunny pots.

We found it to be more woodsy than cartoony, so we decided to make it "A Grand Adventure" theme, where there is lots of soft colors and character! We still love all things Winnie the Pooh, but we decided to focus on "woodsy" themed and of course, Pooh Bear lives in the Hundred Acre Woods, so it worked out great to sort of combine those two ideas!


Blah blah blah, let's see some pictures!!

Our house was built in 1910, so the rooms upstairs are very old-fashioned and full of character.

It took a lot of dreaming and rearranging only a thousand times, but I officially found the set up that I love! (Oh, and Payton loves it too, but he let me be the lead designer! :))

our sweet kitty, Chess <3

As you can see, we had a great blank canvas to create a perfect room for baby!

Because we want lots of kids and we have no clue what kind of boy/girl ratio there will be, we decided to paint the room gray and simply add our own splashes of color with each baby.

Our friend Natalie came over to help us paint since I'm not supposed to paint and inhale the fumes in an enclosed room, but I came up to help a little anyways! ;) (And since we have masks handy nowadays, I wore mine for a little while painting before I ran out of breath and retreated to make dinner, haha!)

Now, we had about a million ideas from Pinterest, but not quite sure where we wanted to start.

There's obviously no closet space in the room, so we decided it would be best to start by building our own clothe space!

My dad met us at Lowes, we bought some supplies and Payton assembled an adorable clothe rack for baby! I'm obsessed with it. Then, my sister and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought fabric that we hot glued together to wrap along the bottom of the rack to hold baskets and things.

(I'll only show you the progress pic here, but the final picture is just further down!)

Then, slowly but surely, that once-blank room turned into this:

Isn't it just THE most magical place ever??

It's not done yet, we don't have any sheets or a carpet in front of her crib, for example, but the general layout is complete and I'm beyond obsessed with it. It's my favorite room in the whole house!! We have a guest bed up there because we don't have enough space for a baby room and a guest room, so we simply combined the two and I think it worked out great!

And lastly, to add some more magic, we placed fairy lights in the window. :)

I asked Payton to stand in front of the window so that I could show him what kind of a picture I wanted, and he proceeded to show me his "baby bump". Haha! He said I could post it so obviously I am.

Well, there you have it!

Progress pics of our baby room!

We can't wait for the final product, we have poured so much love and prayer into her beloved little space and can't wait for her to dream her own adventures in there.

We love you, baby girl!

Love, Mama and Papa <3

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