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road trippin' the USA!


For our one-year anniversary (November 10th), we went on a 23 day road trip across the western part of the States! We left November 1st and came back on November 23. We drove over 75 hours, roughly around 4,000 miles, and went through 20 states! That trip was so fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to adventure!!

Payton is huge on rock climbing, and we are both huge on camping, so instead of getting air&b's or hotels, we cut our budget in half and had a foam pad in the back of our car and slept there! We had a couple places to stay here and there, like a cabin in Montana or an air&b in California, but out of 22 nights, we slept in our car for 15 of those!

Since pictures say 1,000 words, I will make this post basically only photos, with narration here-and-there!


weather: 32 degrees and sunny

where we camped: mammoth cave, kentucky

what we saw: caves! bats! pretty houses!


weather: 25 degrees, sunny and windyyyyyyyyyy

where we stayed: a hotel near the airport because St. Louis didn't have a campground!

what we saw: the Gateway arch! the Mississippi River!


weather during the day: 15 degrees and cloudy/snowy with a windchill of 8

weather during the night: 7 degrees with a windchill of -2

where we stayed: a campground in valentine, nebraska

what we saw: lots of deer!


weather: a refreshing 28 degrees and sunny!

where we stayed: cluster state park, south dakota

what we saw: the Badlands! Mount Rushmore! snow! bison!


weather: 22 degrees and partly cloudy

where we stayed: an isolated cabin on a mountain, darby montana

what we saw: a cute kitty! elk! Indian history! snow!

**we also took the pictures that you see throughout my blog, there! we drove up to Stevensville, Montana and took pictures in 20 degree weather. soooooo worth it, though!


weather: 25 degrees and sunny

where we stayed: an airb&b in argo, Idaho

what we saw: volcanic caves! my uncle! mountains and buttes! lots of cattle!


weather: 60 degrees and sunny

where we stayed: Yosemite national park, and an airb&b in los angeles, california

what we saw: El Capitan! nature! Hollywood! Disneyland!


weather: 30 degrees and sunny

where we stayed: grand canyon national park, arizona

what we saw: Grand Canyon! Payton's family!


weather: 45 degrees and sunny

where we stayed: a complimentary hotel from a friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!

what we saw: some friends! a cool rock climbing gym! lots of toll booths!


weather: 45 degrees and rainy

where we stayed: campground in Memphis, Tennessee

what we saw: civil rights museum! our friend!

The states we drove through: Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and then back through Tennessee and to Sweet Home Alabama!!

Can't wait for our next adventure! <3

Oh, also, for anybody wondering:

We arranged the car to be able to drive in the day and then to be able to sleep comfortably at night! I will show pictures below:

day time arrangements:

night time arrangements:

It took us maybe 10 minutes to "set up camp" every night. We kept food in bins to heat up on our camp stove or eat plain! It was such a fun trip. Can't wait to travel more with ya, babe!



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