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a victorious prayer for labor

Updated: Jan 26, 2023


I command you to listen to my words and obey them, for when I speak, I speak with all the authority and confidence that Christ Jesus has given me.

You will be at peace and rest before, during and after labor. A peace that surpasses all understanding will surround me; it will be the very air that I breathe! I will not fear, for the Lord is with me.

I believe that my Creator intentionally designed my body to experience labor successfully; I was created for this! My body was created for this moment!

All complications, issues and fears against my mind and body must surrender to the cross because by the stripes of Jesus I am healed and set free from those!

I command all parts of you, body, to work harmoniously together during labor to birth this baby and placed into my arms:

Baby, turn head down into the correct position.

Uterus, contract to navigate baby down.

Cervix, dilate and efface together to let baby descend.

Pelvis, open to make room for baby's body.

Vagina, stretch and be elastic as baby comes out.

Mind, you will not be afraid, but instead you will rely on the joy of the Lord as your strength!

Body, you were made for this! Your Creator knew exactly what needed to happen to create this life and bring them into the world.

Trust Him.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper because the Lord has sent His angels to guard me in all of my ways.

I thank you Jesus for giving me all that I need to birth this baby without fear.

I submit to the confidence and authority of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Thank you for dying so that I could live, but not just to live regularly: to live in freedom, in confidence and in victory. To live in complete joy and peace!

And most importantly: to birth this baby in complete freedom, confidence, victory, joy and peace!

I love You and I thank You for giving me authority over my body so that I can line it up with what You say about it and ignore the fears of the world.

In the mighty and victorious name of Jesus I pray,


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